About Us

We’re a loving couple that creates films together.
Nothing brings us more joy than telling moving stories.
DSC05374Our story started in a charming little town in upper Austria, where we crossed paths for the first time.
We fell in love at that town’s film festival and embarked on a long distance relationship for several years.
When we decided to get married we wanted to honour our first encounter.
Hence, we created a cinema themed wedding, rented a movie theatre and sat our friends and family in front the screen.
Now the question arose, which movie to show?
We came up with the idea to create a film about us, one that showcased our love story through different film genres.
cropped-still2.jpgWe were blown away by the audience’s response. There was hooting and hollering and tears of joy.
Everybody kept talking about the film all day. What a great ice breaker!
It dawned on us that other couples would enjoy this experience as well.
We realized we could help people get past the standard powerpoint presentation to create something truly more meaningful and personal.
 So with our video production company Sonia Productions Inc. we created:

This is Us 
From us to you!